Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What's In My University Bag...

This week I've started my first week at uni! I've seen quite a lot of posts and videos on other peoples university experience which has been helpful to some extent, but most talk about their experience of moving away from home which is something I'm not doing. Since I didn't have the excitement of buying pots and pans and what not for moving into halls, buying a new bag and stationary was as exciting as it got. I thought I'd give a little look inside my bag.

I have a mild Michael Kors obsession, and I was very kindly brought this bag (Jets Set Travel medium saffiano leather tote) by my boyfriend as a gift for getting into uni. I love it! I am normally much more of a arm bag kinda gal but I thought that for carrying around books it would be much easier to opt for a shoulder bag, (and I wanted something different from my Selma bag). In Hindsight the bigger size might have been better, everything fits in but its a bit of a squeeze and takes some careful arranging. 

I really wanted a Jack Wills pencil case, they're so pretty and I wanted one I'd use for the year rather than get sick of and change. I don't live anywhere near a Jack Wills and I wasn't prepared for the £4 postage so I opted for this one by Caroline Gardner. It's so pretty, fits loads in and is excellent quality!

When buying a planner I normally take a trip to Paperchase and buy the prettiest one, but this year there just wasn't any that I was really drawn to. I don't know if it was because I was looking later in the year or whether their selection just wasn't as good this year, but I didn't get one from there. When in the que to buy my pencil case I saw this planner. At first I thought I'd just get this one for the moment and when shops bring more out in January, I'll get a better one, but it's AMAZING. It has everything in it you'd need. Obviously it has the diary section with space for writing in assignments ect. but it literally contains everything a student would need! From check lists to recipes and tips on revision and managing stress! This planner is a life saver for a student and I highly recommend it!

Other things I have in my bag are my car keys, little snacks for the day, the Oxford note books (love the thick pages!), purse for cheeky trips into town (been there for three days and already done some damage in Topshop! Oops!) and of course a mini make-up bag for touch ups.
Hope you've found this useful! - What's everyone else taking to uni? 

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