Tuesday, 9 September 2014

#1 Inside My Make-Up Bag- Favourite Foundations

I love having a nose through other peoples make-up bags, to see their most loved products and the products that get used everyday. I thought I'd give you a look through my make-up bag and show you all my favourite products. 
Firstly I love a good make-up bag and when I saw Anna's 'you look lovely today' pouch in her photos I knew I had to have it. I went straight to notonthehighstreet.com and had a look through the make-up bags on their site. There was so many lovely ones but in the end I went for this one from Alphabet bags, which is the same as Anna's but a 'wash bag' rather than a pouch. It is huge, and as I do a lot of travelling is perfect because it holds everything! I has one big compartment which I like since I'm not the neatest person and normally in a rush I love that I can just chuck it all in one place. I would defiantly buy from Alphabet bags again, have my eye on a pouch for my handbag. My order came very quickly and was packaged lovely with the cutest postcard saying thank-you. They have the most lovely products that would make lovely gifts! 

Now on to the make-up, I thought I'd start this series with a look at my favourite foundations. Now to some people foundation might be the most boring part of make-up, its not all exciting like eyes or lips, but foundation is my favourite part. Finding the perfect foundation has always difficult because I am so pale, so trying lots has always been a must (sorry bank balance). I have though found three foundations I will always repurchase.  

I think Clarins as a make-up brand is always over looked in the beauty community, I rarely hear it talked about (apart from the natural lip perfector) and its such a shame. I love Clarins and not just for foundations, I also love their blushes and eye shadows, but that's all for another day. The Ever Matte foundation, leaves the skin with a lovely velvet finish and covers everything without being too heavy on the skin, its oil free so perfect for girls like me with skin slightly on the oily side. It has amazing staying power and doesn't melt off the skin or cake up over time. It has quite thick consistency so you have to work it into the skin well but it blends flawlessly. I love this foundation for days where my skin needs a little extra coverage or I have a busy day where I wont be able to touch up throughout the day. Only down side to this foundation is that it runs out so quickly and at £27 a go you'd expect it to last a little longer. The bottle is made out of quite hard plastic so once the majority of the product has gone its difficult to squeeze out anything left behind, a little trick though to leave it standing upright for a while and a good shake gets a tiny bit more out. 

Rimmel is my favourite drugstore brand, and they do amazing foundations. Everyone raves about the 'wake me up' foundation and even though I do like that foundation I find it a bit too shimmering when my skin is at its oiliest. The match perfection foundation is amazing. It has a very thin consistency which has surprisingly good coverage. It has amazing staying power and will last all day long and at the end of the day it still look like you've just done your make-up. Because the consistency is very thin it is easy to go a bit over board so you have to be careful with that, but if applied sparingly it looks fantastic. This foundation is perfect for everyday and is good for anyone on a budget or just looking for a great drugstore foundation.

Finally the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet is probably my favourite of the three, it's good skin in a bottle. It does exactly what it says on the bottle it creates a perfect velvet finish and makes the skin feel so soft. Even though it has a matte finish it doesn't leave skin looking dull. It smooth over any imperfections and give the skin a smooth air brushed look. It is in no means a high coverage foundation, one coat is very sheer but it is buildable. It doesn't cake and looks just like your skin but better. The problem I normally find with Chanel make-up products is the limited range of shades, I've tried the  Mat Lumiere compact and found the lightest shade far too dark, but in this foundation I have shade 10 and its perfect. It is long lasting but I do find I need a few little touch ups throughout the day to keep it looking perfect. It is expensive but so worth it, it feels very luxurious to apply and the packaging is very sleek. I love this foundation.

What are you're favourite foundations?


  1. I love your makeup bag! And great selection of foundations. I agree that it's hard to find the right shade from Chanel foundation range.

    1. thank-you, its so big, i love it! its so difficult, really got lucky getting a match in this one! xxx